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Saturday, October 30, 2010

i felt the warm.

i can cried easily, and this time, my tears came with warmness. i felt that love from my family, my friends, and also my beloved one. i'm not really not welcomed for this world.

she msn me just now. it's kinda weird msn in the same house but different stairs. "are you okay?" the firs thing she asked me. talked to me really lot and it's near 3o'clock in the midnight. she out for whole day and i know that actually she was really tired. sis, i can feel you care, seriously, i seldom being so sweet to family, but really, thank you, it mean a lot for me. 

another her, find me and worried me. i knew that she got a little blame herself for causing this. but actually you know that it wasn't your fault. it's my own problem with them. thanks for wanna call me and text me. maybe it's not big deal for you, but i do appreciate this, cause you lighten my heart when i was in the dark. thank you.

i cried, cause you care me. the first time you didn't ask for my password and straight got into my blog post. you be with me when i was weak. you be with me although you're exhausted. you be with me although you knew that i it was my fault actually. you stand by my side, didn't leave me. i love you, a lot, never ever change. i can't imagine i lost you one day. 

actually it's not the end of the world. but every single time i'm down, i was really irrational and think negatively. the world full of love. i should appreciate it but not always blaming. :) i still love the world, not worries my friend. :) my love always with you all. 

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