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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A simple, and warm birthday celebration. =))

Oh gosh I really can't wait to blog and tell you guys how amazing today! I love birthday, especially the people I care's birthday. =))) Oh yea, forgot to tell you guys, a lot of crapping and it's a long post here and please leave this page if you're not patient enough, =D

Very early morning, okay not really early just consider early for me, since I done his birthday card at 5o'clock last night(p/s it's a last minute work, so I'm dai sei.), 10o'clock in the morning, my sister came and asked me to wake up, my mum wants to start her cooking lesson(p/s I planned to cook Ban Mee for him, and I booked my mum's time already, weeee~~). Really annoying when I'm still in my sweet dream, and I go down and tell her, I'm going out TONIGHT, then I continue my dream. =))

Yet, I didn't sleep for long after it. I heard my brother said that he wants to go out, and I suddenly remember that I haven't buy his cake yet. Automatically woke up myself, and asked my brother to fetch me out to buy my cake. My sister and mum followed us too. =.= Finally got my lens from Shan! Bro fetch me to her house to get it, and a very funny thing, she called me when I got into my car and prepared to leave, asked me stay and lunch with her. =.=! Hahaha.

Suddenly remember another thing again, I seems like a century didn't wrap present. And I bought a shirt for him as present, so I need to wrap like a plastic bag like that, and I don't know how to do that. Shan taught me   during lunch and obviously I'm a very clever student. xD

Mum and I start our cooking lesson at 5 in the evening. And I realize that, my mum actually done many preparation for the Ban Mee such as soup, materials all that. And what I need to do is just put the floor all that simple work, actually not really simple. Seriously, I felt that I'm not suitable to be a housewife. Especially cooking thing, oh I really can't handle it. How can I live without my mum? =.= The Ban Mee was actually made by her.

We went to WETLAND just now. He was actually planned to bring me to Serdang eat Ban Mee and after that fetch me back and that's all our celebration. He was shocked when I told him that I got Ban Mee and we no need to go Serdang anymore. =)) WETLAND is a really amazing place, I figured out today, although I went there once. There is just like a park, a park with a lake and amazing view. =))) And the most important thing is, there was some pond beside the lake and the light, ngek ngek, dark, and romantic! LOL! hahaha. Really romantic surrounding. But it's quite suffer for us to eat, too dark and can't see the Ban Mee.We didn't capture at all. =((( The light was too dark and I can't even to capture down my cake Ban Mee all that. =(((  Sad case! Really sad case for me, I love to capture lot's of photo in such special day.

okay, you can't see the Ban Mee right? It was really too dark and it was
capture with my lousy phone. =.=

Sang birthday song with a cake without candle. =.= You know the staff of the Secret Recipi was a new worker and he forgot to gimme candle. =.= He act like there was a candle on the cake and after I sing my song, he made 3 wishes. I asked him to keep the 3rd one but then he told me too his wish, it's a secret, sorry no sharing, sweet dear love you. =)))  Chit chat there for about one until two hour, and Leon them called. Asked for tea but dear rejected them. Cause he's with me. =)) And know what! Oh gosh! This must be not a coincidence! Yet it was! O.O I can't believe that really that coincidence! There was a Myv suddenly drove in front of us and some guys were waving their hands excitingly. I asked Tiong Wei whether is his Uni's friends or what, but I found out I was wrong when I saw Teh Tiong Xin inside the car. I never met Kong Chee Zhen,  that's why I thought they were his friends. No choice, can't reject them anymore, hahaha, he went to tea after bring me back.

I wanted to wait him to open his present, but then I can't tahan anymore. I really want to know his respond after he saw the 2 ostrich I made. And he love it! thanks god! But as Stanly said, Stanly Wong, XD hahaha, mention your name first, he said he can't say don't like also right? Yeap! Exactly, he can't say that. And another happy thing is, he love the shirt I gave him. I really scare that he don't like and don't wear or what, and actually I saw many nice other type of shirt, but I decided to buy this one, a casual and simple shirt, very Teh Tiong Wei style right? =)) He said he's going to wear this out tomorrow, going movie tomorrow night. =))) Love you dear.  I had no idea why I give people present and i'm not the one who receive present but then I so hyper and smile non stop when I stared at my present. Wonder. =))

A simple and warm birthday celebration. No expensive food, no romantic set up or what, just chit chat, and had the food I cooked. But this is the best time ever in my life. Thanks god to send you in my life. I love you my dear, and once again I want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. =)))

This is a shirt I never wear out since I bought it during Chinese New Year.
A very first time it followed me out, and he said it's nice with me. =) He can't say not nice also. =P

The birthday boy.

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