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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

happy birthday, teh tiong wei

okay! Here am I again. =) Know what, I'm still a moody girl before 12o'clock, yea family stuff, can see all my F***ing stuff in my twitterclick  here, and you can see many things, i love to update my things at twitter.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm moody before 12, and now, I'm a damn damn hyper girl! I don't understand, I'm not the one who birthday also, but why am I so hyper now? A birthday wish turned me? I mean turned my mood? Really powerful huh my man? This is the adjective his friends describe him, not me, don't misunderstand it. xD

Actually I'm just suddenly want to update a short post, for him, the inspiration came and knock on my door d. xD Know what? I copied exactly the same things from my message to his Facebook wall, and asked him to gimme some face to reply. And he did replied! One comment. xD hahaha. Not going to blame you today dear, one comments is enough for me. Love you. =)

Told you, it's a short post. Long post coming soon, I think.

And here's my man, the birthday little boy. <3

more post tomorrow, xoxo, Mr teh tiong wei. From your, evon.

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