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Friday, October 29, 2010

pak tor day with MJ.

Titled with "Pak Tor day with MJ". Of course, I have no that honor to pak tor with Michael Jackson, my mj referred to my Mr. J. :)

Dated for outing today. He was late, but it caused of me, haha. We did skyped right before the outing and I don't want to close the conversation, that's the reason he late, still, I blamed him, I'm the biggest, my big aunt came to me d wad. LOL! haha.

We were planned to kayak, and the only place we know that can kayak is Wetland again, yea, the Wetland we went during's birthday. Too bad, it was closed when we reached there. We doesn't know that the lake was closed at 5.30 in the evening and we only arrived bout 5 something, which means the session already closed for that time. Aiks! I were really excited that much! What to do? I caused this. :( never mind, since the view was so nice, it's so waste back with nothing. Capture is a must. Although we didn't capture the view but just us. LOL!

i love this! but he didn't look into the camera.

he took this. :)

oh my gosh, i'm kissing you okay, you didn't give face to me at all. :(

Actually nothing can do at there if the counter closed. And not really beach or what, it's a lake, some how reminds me the image of Piranha. -.- sorry, I know the word Piranha spoil this. -.- So why stay there? switch location of course. -.-

Mcdonald for high tea? Can't consider as dinner also wad, 6.30, erm, I think is dinner! Haha. Evil him took all my fries away and ate it all?! then show off to me some more! okay, I know that you're for my own good, I get it dear -.- aiks! still sad to see all the fries go into your fat tummy. :(  

Off to Alamanda for movie, since it is so near between Alamanda and Wetland. There were really many choices of movie can be choose, yet we chose the most sucks one -.- bad luck, what can I say? LOL! For the people who reading my post, I'm advice you all that NOT to watch that movie ADELE: the rise of the mummy. Oh my godness, what a sucks movie ever! It was totally different with what was on my mind before I watched it. Sucks! All craps inside and, I really don't know how to describe it, don't have the feel excited at all, and he said:"什么傻戏来的?" totally speechless with this movie, and it was wasting our money. sweat max! at least it entertain us right, dear? LOL! 

My pak tor day was like not really go smooth huh, no kayak, fries grabbed by him, movie sucks. But know what? Actually I'm happy. Haha! Pak tor day, end! xoxo

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