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Friday, October 8, 2010

Swim day. Short update.

Hi my dear little bloggy, I'm here again. :D This is a post about swimming day, I guess it's just a short update. :)

I think god love to fool me. :( I planned to go swim with Tiong Wei yesterday but he need to back early last night  study for today's test, so my swimming plan ruined yesterday. And, the weather so suitable for swim yesterday! Not really sunny but not cloudy too! Ish! wasted.

Our swimming plan postpone to today, and today's plan either is movie or swim. He chose swim, he knows I want to swim. I can't see yesterday's weather anymore today. :( Rain non-stop and the wind keep blowing.  I was like, okay, my swimming plan ruined again. I text him switch our plan to movie tonight. Before I bath I received his call that we on our swimming plan. The reason is, he already lend swim suit from Meow and Meow already put the swim suit at Mewah Club's counter. Okay, weeeeeeeeee~~~ Happy! :D

Okay, he was fast, really fast. I'm still a turtle in swim I admit that. And it's really kinda weird he asked me to swim, he wants to see my swimming style and correct it. Don't want. :( I can't swim if he look at me. He swim to deep side and I swim to shallow there. :D

Planned to go night market in TAMAN SEGAR after swim. But he changed his mind, we just wen to BAK KUT TEH after swim. He need to leave earlier to study. Test Monday again. AIKS! You know I really excited with it, I've been a long time didn't go to night market already.

My post end. LOL! End with sudden? I told you guys it was just a short update. Another Teh Tiong Wei day again. See ya guys. :)

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