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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yes! Finally finished my housework and I can blog now! And this time the post would not be seal. :)

Time flies, just left one paper for my trial. This week even worst than last week, my study mood was like, off already? LOL! What I hope is just don't act like this during real test, STPM.

Today was really excited and we didn't did what like usual in panic surrounding before the exam start, all studying like that. We were totally put our books away and talked excitedly bout our plan for Thursday! Yea! It's sing K time! Woohoo~~~~~~!! I'm really expecting and exciting for that! This is the very first time the Strawberries outing added beloved Chuan Man and Ai Wen. Haha. The outing last time was Duo duo's birthday and Lei lei wasn't there that time, wow like didn't call them in this way for years. LOL! hahaha.

Oh talked bout Ai Wen reminds me one thing! Haha. Funny thing! PP paper for today, and you know I always can't do those question. Feels like they're stranger of mine but like know them from somewhere! Haha. The cute Ai Wen done her question that quick, smart as usual. She turned around, I told her that, I don't know do at all. She copied down all her answers prepared it for me. The teacher in front of her and she couldn't find the chance to give the answer to me. She folded her question paper into a very very small piece, and then past it for me immediately. Lee chen was shocked and she laughed there, not really laugh but like ha ha ha like that. Haha.

Weee~~Finally rain! So hot recently and I on my air cond for almost 2 weeks already. God bless, don't let me see the electric bill. Going to have a nice nap in such good whether until tomorrow morning! LOL! Just kidding, by the way, I can really sleep until afternoon tomorrow! Yesh! No school is the best time ever! Just for sleep la, haha. Feel good to think of this, weeeeee, peace. :)) End post! tadah^^

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