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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my hair is straight now.

yes, i'm home, finally home, tired like hell, have no idea why is me so tired. I mentioned last night, I'm straightened my hair already, finally. And due to that, i'm half blind now, can't wear spec, it's kinda suffer want a girl who have 350++ short sighten stare at the computer screen and blog. I was like stick to it already. And I think this post will have many typing error. Sorry for that.

Smart me, I had once experience for rebonding and today i brought lap top there. And thanks god! The saloon provided wifi service too! I can online and watch drama in the same time. :) How enjoy is it! LOL! haha. It's not like last time, I're sat on the saloon chair for more than 4 hours last time, maybe the technology improved or what? This time I went there bout one and I can leave saloon bout 4. I just straightened my hair for 130 bugs! Wow! cheap right? The owner of the saloon explained that he offered cheap price for me cause his saloon's rental is cheap. Thanks miss KY and ah lun! thank you for discount for me, it helped lot for me this bankrupt person. LOL! Haha. Know what? My mum want to do together with me when she heard that cheap was the price! Haha.

The saloon placed at Sg Chua and it's so near to Chloe Shanz. She came and visit me. Kacao there for bout an hour, accompany me there, muakzz~ sayang~ hehe~ I know you most sayang me~ LOL! haha. Mr J came and switch shift with Shan to accompany me, and see the output of my hair. He said that I looked so fat after straightened it. I'm not sad, cause he was right, and I don't really like it. :(

my face looked so round, and sorry for the bad sitting position, ignore it please. >.<

Lei lei said that my hair would be okay after a few days, hopefully. :( cause I don't really like my hair now, not cause of the technique of the saloon but my round face. >.< 

He brought me to eat after I rebonding, and it took some time and drove me late to home. Sorry to Lei lei for waiting me that long! LOL! I don't know that you waited me so hardly just now. Good to hear the news from you! LOL! I wish that you can do your decision correctly and happily ever after. Hope you stay happily with that guy. Just go ahead if you think that you like him, don't hesitate. Or else you'll regret next time that you let him go. :)

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