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Friday, January 7, 2011

just random

Yes, my blog is done finally. This is a totally done blog. Million thanks to Mr Jeffrey. He sacrificed his precious time just for this. I know you're starving. Thank you very much, seriously. Haha. Changed blog skin, changed blog songs. Actually this blog skin quite look alike with one of my previous skin, due to the color huh? :)

A bore afternoon. This is the 3rd post of mine today. I don't know what to blog actually but feel like wanna write something here. Changed my blog songs too. Taylor swift rocks! Seriously addicted to her songs recently. I don't know why I can't download songs through Youtube. Aiks! I would love to share her music video. And I gonna get myself her album soon! Wait while i got money, erm, when is it? Have no idea with it! LOL! haha

Just a random post! tadah~

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