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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Outing, dating. ♥

I was actually really sleepy but I would love to blog first before I go to my lovely bed.

He asked me where to go this afternoon. I answered "I don't know, I follow your decision." Yet, I'm the one who decide the venue in the end. He suggest Alamanda. You know it's kinda bore. I really have no idea besides movie what else can I do there. He said,"Maybe Midvalley?" I requested Times Square, bigger and more places for me to lepak. The most important thing is I can have my lovely SNOW FLAKE there! Okay it's funny, end up with I didn't eat it.

I regretted, for the request. He was really tired in driving to place which is far. Stuck in the traffic jam of course was the most sick thing! The most important thing was, OH MY GOD! Don't have petrol in this time?! The petrol signal flashing non-stop. I was really worried there! The very first time I off the radio myself automatically and also asked for off the air conditional too.

Bought ticket for this movie, "FASTER". A movie that, not really attract my attention. It's another cop movie again, and got robber blah blah blah you know it. By the way movie is not important actually.

I dated my ex classmates and also ji mui for tea at 1030. It's just about 9 something I reached Kajang. He was really tired. I can feel it, strongly. Thank you bi, I know you was worried bout me so you suggested for the ice session. Actually you can just drop me at Mcdonald I can wait alone. You know I'm independent! Haha. Thank you, I love you. A nice outing bi. By the way, I promise, I will never request movie at the place that is far for you anymore. I felt so guilt this afternoon, during traffic jam.

Exhausted! Finished report to my blog, It's time to sleep. Good night world, good night hubby. Love you. 

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