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Thursday, January 6, 2011

thanks jeff!

Yes, as you guys see, this is my undone blog skin by Jeffrey Kuan. Saw the title above? Haha! He edit with this title "continue tmr , dont say me pian xin laio =.= ... no inspiration >< ..."

Haha.  LOL! It's really kinda bored with previous one and I saw lei lei changed her blog skin. Was impressed! Like, huh?! How come so nice?! I love that! So I requested Jeff to do one for me too. Haha! The result was out last night. I saw my blog skin. Haha! Actually not bad, but, nothing difference with my previous blog skin. >.< har har har! So obviously you're partiality to her! ew! haha! Just a joke~ kacao saja. XD Haha! And seriously thank you, so much! :) I would love to change it myself but I really had no idea with my blog problem. It don't allow me to preview anymore! Without that one I feel so unsafe when I change my blog skin. Sorry. :/ and thank you again. :)

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