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Monday, May 31, 2010


Woke up from nightmare this morning.
I don't exactly remember what was the dream content,
I just vague remember that it's bout him,
the effect of the argue last night??
last night really was a nightmare for me,
really scary,
It's really a lesson for me,
Mifen said,
It's really hurt when your beloved one don't listen to you
and always ignore it,
I'll try to change my attitude,
and still the words,
try my best okay??

how to describe love??
sometimes love can be a sweet,
but sometimes,
really can be the bitter melon that I hate very much,
or else actually I should learn to eat bitter melon??
Perhaps the bitter gourd is not what I thought would be a hard??
never mind,
as long as everything back to the normal way
back to be sweet again,
that's enough. =)

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