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Sunday, September 26, 2010

BAN MEE yeepee^^

oppsie! Please do not misunderstand, this is just the image I stole from google, not made by me. xD

Woops it's really full now! Haha~ I love BAN MEE~~ It was really delicious~

My mum suddenly called me just now, while I'm online-ing, watching my drama. I was like, sweat, again? Okay, prepare to do the things she ask me to do. But I was shocked when she asked me whether I want to learn to cook BAN MEE, I was like, wow! Haha. You know last time I've be request her to teach me to cook BAN MEE, yea somebody love it, but it was really very last time already.

"Okay!", that's my answer. Haha. But actually learn=no learn. Hahah. When I went to the kitchen, my mum already prepared well about the soup and actually just left the last step, put the noodle into the soup and boil. =.=! Hahah. Never mind it's okay, consider as got "learn" right? Haha.

It was really delicious! Haha, maybe the noodle passed by my hand make it delicious? Wahahaha~ Siao! Haha. As usual, I planned to waste those vegetables in the BAN MEE. YET, yea YET, my mum had mentioned earlier. She said:" Finish the vegetable as well, do not waste it." O.O OMG! How come my mum that smart today? Fine~~~~T^T I finish it~BTW, how come the vegetable today seems like, hm, quite delicious? Haha.

Ban Mee update, done! Haha.

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