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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I want potong ICE CREAM!

Okay, I'm really kinda boring, yea, I changed my blog skin again. Felt so sorry to Jeff, I know he wasted a lot of time to edit my blog, but now I changed it, don't blame me okay? I attracted by this skin's font type. Sorry >.<

I've drank the Super Coffee that I bought last time when I want to get JJ's signature show case ticket. It's taste, hm, sucks! Yuks! Seriously want to vomit, but I bet it's my technique problem, probably put too much of water.

Why am I still that sleepy after I drank the coffee? And before that I didn't feel sleepy at all. =.= I think I'm the first person who will sleepy after drink coffee. Pro max.

Oh yea! I have to tell one damn important thing! The 1184 came my house just now! and there were 2 people inside, Von Von and Shan shan(p/s. Von Von sounds like I'm calling myself. =.=). And know what? Today U have been clamoring to eat POTONG ice cream, and I wanted to buy from Mydin, Mydin sucks, no this brand's ice cream. >< And just now that 2 cute fella came my house, delivery one POTONG ice cream for me, hahah, sounds stupid, but seriously it's warm. Thanks la wei! And next time, I want 10 total, 1 is not enough for me, seriously! hahaha.

Okay, offline and got to bed, school start tomorrow, bad time for me again, but can't wait to see my strawberries. =) Good night world. =)

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