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Monday, September 13, 2010

job end, holiday, START!

I saved an undone post last night, and now, I decided to retype my blog, since my feel was totally different already. Hahaha.

Finally done my first job of Chimera! Clap for myself, bravo! LOL! Hahaha. Time flies, 5 days can really end that fast. Million thanks to Lee Chen, she introduce this job for me, and also her boyfriend, who take good care of me, thanks to you both.

Last day of this project, what I’ve did? Hahaha. Okay as usual, promote the orange and mixed fruit juices. The different thing was I didn’t just stand on my corner position anymore, I walked around, since there were some of my product in front of Giant, then I walked between there and my corner place, I’m no longer that girl who just stand in my work position, I walked everywhere(p/s, actually just walked around my product.) .

My sales yesterday was really, wow! More than 100, but all I sold was small bottle one since there was a promotion. I feel surprise and feel like, huh, got that exaggeration? Unbelievable, because my sales first day was really sucks. However, it’s end. Million clap to me. Hehehe.

After job, time to “wet”!!!! wahahahha! Hello, it’s time to give myself some reward~ Shan, Von Von and Qx came and picked me up last night, of course, drive was Mr Von Von. We went to “Ban Mee” after my job, and you know, they actually had their meal before pick me up. Then, obviously, they full like hell! Hahahaha. Never mind, 3 of you was damn “SLIM”, should take more meal, ngek ngek ngek.

Ate then back? Not our style! Hahaha. Second round is a must! After “Ban Mee”, we switched to 21st century. Shee Yang joined us 21st, and Von Von left first, he need to fetch his sister at KL central. He only reached there when we going to dismiss, seems like he purposely to come back to 21st just to fetch us back! LOL! Thanks la~ hahaha.

Hooray! Cheer to me! My work end, AND, I now officially announced, my holiday, STARTED!!!! Hahahahahaha.

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