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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Piranha day

It’s a post about yesterday. Hahaha.

Boring holiday? Yea, exactly. My activities day before today was just online and copy notes, bore until copy notes, can you imagine how bore I am? Before prepare to tuition I received the call from tuition center, actually my mum received that call, they called me but I didn’t pick up, my phone was upstairs that time. The teacher said my class cancelled and my next class will be in the next Friday! Cheer! Next week I got lot of job and I can’t attend tuition, it’s so good to heard that they cancelled the class. =)

9.30 in the night, Mr Potato reached my house(p/s. they seldom that on time), hahahah. Cinema with “Piranha” was the activities of us. I don’t know Piranha was horror movie(p/s. not consider horror movie but horror for me) when Shan called me and ask whether I on or not. So, I on, but not regret, hahaha, at least the movie won’t let me nightmare.

There were many people last night, seems like I really a very long time didn’t outing with so many people. Potato, Zi jian, Shee yang, Yung Sheng, Shee yang’s friends, and also 3 of us. Although the movie not really scary but quite disgusting, I almost vomit in the cinema, >.Vampire diaries” and actress was the Vanessa from the drama “Gossip girl”. And Jake(Jeremy) looks so handsome in the movie, I never realize he was that handsome in “Vampire diaries”. But the ending of the movie shocked me, like what? End like this? =.= Sweat!

Next round of us, tea at “Mcdonald”! hahahah. I don’t really sure where was the Mcdonald located, I just know that there were really many people there. Hahaha. Shan said I slimmed down but now I think I gained my weight back >.. =)

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