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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Goodbye Saturday, welcome Sunday. =)

Saturday, bore Saturday. Really enjoy to type my blog by listening music.

Feels really bore when you have tuition in lovely weekend. But fortunately, you're here with me. Yea, he picked me up after my tuition, for dinner together. =)

We went to alamanda again, there really is the farest place we've been. And the most crazy things was, went Alamanda, and ate Mcd! Really siao siao dei! Go so far for Mcd, it's okay, as long as it's happy for us. =)

He suddenly asked me where is his phone just now while we eating. He was shocked when realize that the phone not with him and he was so sure that he did brought it from car. Quickly return to the car park, thanks god, found it. Guess where was it? It was above his car! He put there and forgot to take it before we leave car park. Wow! There was really lucky! Our car park actually really few people, other wise I think the phone has gone.

Finish Mcd, we headed to Carrefour. I remembered that Miss Banana said that the "Pringles" was really cheap, just costs rm1.99 only, but then when I went there, I realized that the price was much more expensive than rm1.99, maybe it just valid at Midvalley? We walked around the Carrefour, and passed by so many chips, chocolates, biscuits and ice-cream! And when I looked at it, then he will pull me away from it. =( So bad you! Treaten me that if I buy then you buy Maggi too, okay, you won. =( But then I also bought an ice cream before I left Carrefour~yeepee^^ Guess what? Dou fu said that I slimed down! LOL! I have lot of quota to eat again. xD =P

This is my Saturday, and what is the time now? 1 a.m. So goodbye Saturday and welcome Sunday! My last day of holiday, so sad to remember it. =(

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