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Friday, September 10, 2010

part 3, =)

Asked my dad not to wait me for dinner after I work, guess what? I’m eating Mcdonald right now! They’re really evil, knew that I can’t stand on the attractive of Mcdonld! Never mind, as long as I happy. =)

Phew! Ended my 3rd day of promoter! I woke up quite early today, since my report left at his car after I end my work, we dated to meet this morning to have breakfast together and also get my report back. His neck was twisted, and he couldn’t move his body at all, so we cancelled our date, don’t feel sorry to me okay dear? It was okay, rest well and love you. =)

Neutral feeling from the morning until now, what I feel was just, peace. =) I’ve did something, bad? Clever? Or cunning? Same as yesterday, the Indian security lady want to keep my phone, from the experience of National Service, I bought an extra phone there, when the lady requested to keep my phone, I gave her my old, spoil phone! Then I hided my phone inside my pencil box, success brought it in. hahaha. Stupid Indian lady still asked me how much I bought my phone, you know, that Samsung one I won it from JJ signature show case last time. Hahaha!

Finally I can see my sales more than 30! Yea thanks god. It was really less people in the morning, and I already have prepared that my sales today will be sucks. I was surprise that my sales better than yesterday and Wednesday, not good enough but at least improved. =) there were so many Malays bought from me yesterday and Wednesday but today were all foreign and Chinese bought from me, since all Malays already back to their home town to celebrate Raya.

For my report and accompany me when break time, Mr Teh came still although his neck was really painful. He told me that he had a very hard drive, thanks dear, and sorry, the report was actually not rush. =( Another 2 special guests, ONG FEI SHAN and CHEE LIN CHING! Hahahaha~ stupid them want to shock me like tw did Wednesday? There was no way! Whahahah. Know what? They screamed that loud behind me but I don’t have feel at all, my first respond, shhhhhhhh!!! Noisy babe =P wahahahah~ they helped me count my stock before I back also. Hahaha. they were promoter previously too. Hahaha.

End of my day, 3rd day of being a spokes person. I love peace, =)

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