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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I miss Streamyx~

Changed my blog skin again, but haven’t really done yet, the photos above not yet complete, still got few but my line really sucks! I can’t wait for anymore! Aiks! I can only complete it when my Streamyx okay, broadband is too slow, I think it’s limit going to reach soon, that’s the reason it’s speed with tortoise speed.

Sister went out for work and I planned to upload the rest photos of Genting today and also the post about outing yesterday with family by using her lappy since I have really no idea with the LG cable. It’s too bad, she brought it out and I can’t use the Bluetooth function in her lappy. >.< Aiks! Sad case!

Before my recess time today, Wei Kang went to school and Mifen, Chen and I went down and met him. He is now currently learning about Feng Shui, and he helped us to predict our fate, future and others. Although he is still a beginner, but many things that he helped us predict were quite accurate. Not bad, clap clap! Hahaha. I asked for Tw too, and after predict, seems like I still not know him really that well, failed girlfriend and I need to word more hard on it.

Line sucks, and I really hate broadband, I mean when it’s limit going to reach, really slow max. But no choice, broadband is the only way that can let me online. Can’t wait to post those cloths I bought last night and those photos that I captured at Genting. But then I know that the feel to post those things will gone after some time, so Streamyx must be fix as soon as possible. Beg you please >.< Aiks!

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