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Thursday, September 16, 2010

girls day again. =)

It was another outing again for this 2 weeks holiday. And I think this will be my last outing for my holiday, don’t misunderstand stalker, I just have no money to out, no because I suddenly become a good girl back and want to study. LOL! Kidding, I wish I can study as well, try. =)

Another amazing day, I love you girls. Why am I always saying I love you but not say to him? Yesterday I said I love you to my lovely FnV family, and now I said I love you to my dearest sweetie girls. Yea, I love today. This was an outing with my lovely girls after the bbq with my FnV family.

We dated to watch “Step up” for a very long time ago, hahaha, actually just 3 or 4 weeks ago. And finally we watched it. Shan came and picked me up before 4o’clock. When I get into the car, I realize that, wow! Why all in “Bohemia” style one? I am the exception, I’m in jeans and singlet! No choice, don’t blame me, my “Bohemia” skirt with Shan now and she don’t want to bring me to her house and change. =D Blame her! Wahahaha.

Wow guess what? Hahaha. There were 4 girls in Chiao Yee’s house, all waiting the hair stylist Miss Chiao Yee to do our hair. You know what? She really damn pro in making curly hair, I love Shan’s hair which made by her. The hair looked so wild and it was really suitable to her. Jing’s one was really “Bohemia” style, don’t know how to describe, but it looks like very girlish style, more to sweet style. And little Jim, she is the only curly hair people among us but you know what, she tight up her hair into a bun. And the bun made by our Miss Stylist too. Nice bun! Neat and nice. How about me? Our Miss Stylist helped me make my short hair again, and this time, she made some small curl on the bottom for my hair, normal, for me. =) thanks Miss Stylist, hahaah, I asked her, you want to be a baker or a stylist in her future? Smile and shake her head as the answer. Hahaha.

We thought that the Miss Ky will reach early, so we rushed to Midvalley about 5 something. We reached and called her, her answer was damn funny. “What? You all reach already? I thought you all will be late!” =.= hahaha. sorry Miss leng lui, we will not late, we’re on time lady. =D We decided Kenny Rogers as our dinner. Since Ky will be late, then we all captured photos while waiting for her, Jim was the exception, she can eat with the tortoise speed. And she is still the tortoise, the earliest people eat but the latest people who finish it. Even Ky also finish her meal earlier than her. LOL!

After meal, movie time! Finally I can watch my “Step up”. We were late for movie for about 30minutes. Oh gosh, I late for 30minutes, how come the movie can still so amazing? Dance steps all that, and seriously, after the movie I feel want to learn Latin! Shaun where are you?!?!?! I want learn Latin can you hear me?!?!?!?! Okay, you can’t, so lame. =.=

Movie end, start capture. Hahahahaha. Never ever didn’t take photo when outing. And the photos I need to upload only at tomorrow, since Miss Jim haven’t upload the photos yet, I can’t get the photos from her now. Ice for supper, very first time I eat at “Ice room”. Not bad.

Photos coming! Lovely girls day, good night world. Sleep tight my girls. =)

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