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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

tired, good night =)

Million thanks to Mr. Jeffrey who helped me to rearrange my blog html, I know he helped me cause of someone but thanks still, he said his head was spinning cause of my MESSY html, sorry, don’t blame me please. Seriously really thank you, I really love those photos he put, it's rolling at the right bottom there and it looks so amazing! And another great one! The red snow, he said want to put pink one, but I chose this. LOL! I have to thanks my mummy too, he helped me cause of you I know, haha, thanks you mummy! Joking =D

I have no idea with my sleepiness. I didn’t really wake up early this morning, and why am I so tired now? I don’t think that I slept late last night. I woke up at 9.30 this morning, and reached Mines on time at 11 sharp just now, you know I had briefing with Lee Chen’s boy, he is my supervisor. We had a short briefing, about an hour. He taught me how to serve customers, what should I do, where I should go and so on.

Those things he taught me was not complicated and quite easy, not much different with 2 years ago, you know my last promoter experience was 2 years ago, but I quite worry that I will forgot some small details, sometimes small mistake may cause big trouble, I know so well about this. Lee Chen’s boy was patient, thanks, and I was worry cause he not around this 5 days, they both going to have a nice vacation at Cameron, I wonder what kind of person going to replace Ivory’s place and be my head in these 5 days, I don’t want fierce guy, god bless me =(. Hopefully all runs smoothly.

I will not so active in my blog about 5 days, maybe I can’t stand on the attraction of blogger, I don’t know. Oh I really love my bed, going to take an afternoon nap now.

Bye world, love still, xoxo, evon.

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