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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hooray! Hahahah~ finally got job~ seriously need some income, after the Genting trip, you know I’m really bankrupt now T^T spent lot~ aiks!

Chen told me that she might have job for me for my Raya holiday, total I need to work for 5days straight! Hooray! Love you Chen! Hahaha xD Seriously need more and more jobs, anyone got job intro to me can ask me yea~ hahaha.

Quite nervous about the job actually, hm, don’t really remember when was the last time I be promoter, okay is spokesperson, at form 5 I think, SPM that time, my last promoter job. Seems like I really don’t know how to promote things to others already, quite scared, god bless me >.

Anyway, money money come! Hahaah~ 5days means, hm, 400bugs for me!! Yeah! Hahaha. Excited! Job job job! Money money money! Gambateh! Hahahah xD

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