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Friday, September 3, 2010

jogging day,

Phew~ Tired max and I would LOVE to say~~ HOME SWEET HOME~~~~~

Mr Teh was late today and I wait him about half hour after to lunch before tuition~ I finished school at 12.30p.m. and he only woke up at that time. >.<. Okay, I can understand you only slept at 4 last night so I don’t mad at you, smile. =) haha.

Bah kut teh and spicy soup which one will you choose? Hahaha. For me, definitely BAH KUT THE, since I love rice so much. Hahah. Bah kut teh was nice although it was damn hot in the afternoon, and it just cost rm14 for 2 person, (p/s.actually is one person bah kut teh but enough for 2person) worth isn’t it? hahaha.

He came and picked me up after my tuition, we dated to jog or cycle after my tuition. Hahahah. And we chose to jog, since there were no bike for rent >. sigh! Aiks! I will my best to improve my stamina, I will jog for many round around the botanical garden one day, wait me!

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