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Monday, September 27, 2010

housework schedule

Ish! Exhausted. My muscle were complaining that I didn't give them enough rest, and seriously, I need a rest. Yet, I going out later.

This weather is really killing me! What a best weather to take nap. But I can't, oops~So lazy for outing, Winson Tan you should thanks me as well huh, I can't sleep cause of you! LOL!

Just made a time table for my family, it's a daily schedule of doing housework. Seriously, now only I can't stand of the dirty of my house. It's really sucks! I don't even dare to invite my friends to come my house as well. In the pass few weeks, I did some housework also. Yet I realize that it's actually useless if a family didn't cooperate with each other. What is the use that now you cleaning your house and on the other hand other people help you "clean" it also? Furthermore I have not that much time to clean WHOLE house everyday. You know I'm schooling sometimes even work add on tuition. Time table is the best way to settle this thing. It can also improve the relationship between family member through the cooperation. Can also train my discipline as well. Okay, I really sounds like writing an essay about "THE ADVANTAGE OF MAKING A DAILY HOUSEWORK SCHEDULE" huh?LOL!

I did the very first day of housework. Haha, this is the main reason to make me tired, and the weather, oh, you can imagine how comfortable after bath and sleep now. It's too bad, going to out now, used the 10mintutes before out from house to blog. Bye blog, sayang you tomorrow, Winson birthday post coming up soon

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